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My name is Vika and I was born in the USSR.

Since 1995, I have taught people about fitness, how to exercise and achieve results, and prevent injuries; I also practice what I preach, daily.1525325_10152765442611736_2563742642946360034_n

My sporting love for my first sport, Olympic Weightlifting, grows every day, and I strive to achieve more and more in my sport; and of course, win more and more medals!

Since, January 2016, I also took up competitive bodybuilding, competing in bikini fitness division. After my 3rd show, all 3 were 3 months apart, I became 3rd in Welsh Championships and was invited to compete in British Grand Prix, a month later. Out of 20 female competitors, I was selected in the top 6. Now, my bikini fitness journey continues alongside with Olympic weightlifting and I adore it.

I coach myself and others and have a vast understanding of what needs to be done to be successful in sport and in areas of  weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation and more.

I come from a sports science & coaching background (Honours Degree in Applied Sports Science with Coaching from the University of Northumbria and Secondary PE teaching). I work a lot with children and young athletes, and I truly love it.

I worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and liaised with various sporting organisations, where my role was to assess, correct, and strengthen grassroots and talented and gifted athletes for various Governing Bodies, such as English Institute of Sport, British Rowing, British Gymnastics, and sport clubs and athletes from Judo, Trampolining clubs, Benfield Gymnastics and Newcastle United Football Foundation.

For the past 6 years, I was contracted by British Weight Lifting, to tutor and assessed their aspiring coaches. I am, one of three, UKCC L3 assessors and tutors, in the UK.

I am passionate about transferring knowledge to my clients and athletes. As a competitive athlete, I know how hard it is to be disciplined, focused and motivated. I share these principles with anyone I work with.

Being a wife, and full-time mother-of-three children, I perfectly understand the pressures and difficulty in trying to find the time and energy to exercise…. In my opinion, I think that sometimes in life you just have to be a little bit selfish, and it’s always good to find time to allocate to yourself, no matter what life throws at us.

After training, the endorphins (hormones) flood our system and make us feel good, which then has a direct positive impact on those who are around us. After all, it is all about finding that perfect equilibrium in life that makes everyone happy.


This is why, I strongly advise that daily exercise, and it is important “treat” for the body, as exercise really does wonders! After all, we eat daily, and we MUST move daily too.

If you would like to consult with me on any training-related issue, please do get in touch, I’ll be happy to help.


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