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I know my Olympic weightlifting trade well!

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As well as coaching novice lifters from the age of 9 years of age through to 60 years of age. I train athlete to lifts safely, we attend competitions and we win!

I coached, tutored and assessed aspiring coaches on Olympic weightlifting courses. I hold UKCC (the UK Coaching Certification) Level 4  qualification, which is the highest that one could achieve.

It is awarded to coaches that display evidence (signed off by the British Weight Lifting, UKCC and Newcastle City Council) of coaching  practice via portfolios, showing growth of grassroots right through competitive levels, provision of safe coaching and learning enviroment as required by the National Governing Body and the local City Council.

Most importantly, I practice it daily and compete.

Absolute Gold

Most recent proud sporting moments were in:

  • 2014, when I became Gold and an Absolute European Medalist in -58kg category, at the European Masters’ Championships Absolute (overall), held in Denmark
  • 2014, -58kg Silver medallist at the World Masters Weightlifting Games, held in France
  • 2015, when I became European Masters’ Games Absolute (overall) and -58kg Gold Medal Winner.

If you are interested in learning how to safely execute Olympic lifts or you’d like me to correct your current lifts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I will be happy to help!


  1. Hi, I’m interested in learning how to do Olympic lifts. I go to the gym quite a bit and enjoy squatting/ dead lifting. what sort of sessions do you offer?

    Thank you!
    Emily 🙂

  2. Hey Vika, I’m a 22 year old who’s really interested in Weightlifting and have been studying the movements for a while. I’ve been training strength for almost two years (170kg squat, 180 deadlift/190 w/ straps) and I’ve recently gotten over my fear of being initially terrible at the lifts.

    I’m doing empty barbell drills 2-3 times a week and am becoming quite confident with the positions/movements of cleaning/snatching from the hang and jerking/power jerking, though I doubt I’ll add any weight for a while until I feel confident hitting the positions consistently with good technique.

    As a 130kg lifter I’m trying my best to develop speed under the bar but I feel it’s around time I get some professional guidance. I’d love to come to a Raise the Bar session at some point soon but in the meantime I was wondering if you would recommend any complexes/a weekly routine I could focus on with the empty barbell.

    Thanks so much, sorry for the long read,
    Adam Nesbitt

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch with me.

      I’d love to help you out and see you in the club sometime soon.

      Without seeing your technical work with an empty bar, its tricky to suggest anything.

      There might be lack of speed, lack of engagement of correct muscle groups in certain positions, and / or wrong angles or their loss during start position.

      Seeing makes everything so much easier from prescribing corrections point of view.

      Can I ask are you waiting to get better before you join us in training or there is another reason?

      I’m sorry for such vague answer, Adam.

      I suggest you come and train with us asap, as you might be learning and drilling in wrong movement and then I’ll be picking it all apart…

      I look forward to meeting you soon and please do get in touch if you have more questions.

      Yours in lifting,

      • It’s just a financial thing, I’m between jobs at the moments but I’ll be at the first session I can, after all, £8 isn’t a lot for what you’re offering at all.

        Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll get in touch when I’m going to attend a session, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

        Thanks again

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