Online and Skype Training

Holidays, business trips and distance are no longer an issue!

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We don’t need to be in the same space to workout together.

I offer online personal training sessions to anyone, who cannot come to my studio. My online clients are mothers, physiotherapists, athletes, businessmen and wheelchair users and not all of them are based in the UK and its thanks to Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp, we can still have LIVE 1-to-1 training sessions.


The top 3 benefits of FaceTime or Skype Personal Training are:


  • Train in your own home, workplace, hotel or anywhere in the world!
  • You no longer need to take gaps in your training programme when you have to travel with work.

This now means instead of flicking through endless amounts of YouTube videos trying to find the right exercises for you, you can now have your own expert with you, wherever you are in the World, just a click away.

Visit here to download  SKYPE (Free Download) or FACETIME (Read more)

GREAT TIP: To make the experience even better, why not connect your laptop/mac to the TV by using a RGB or HDMI cable, Apple TV or another device.

Give it a go and see the benefits for yourself. Call me on 07989 235 384 or e-mail with any questions.