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Vika Fitness Coaching is a Newcastle upon Tyne based personal training business that brings results to all clients.

The desire to feel and look healthy and well is with all of us. At times, it is not easy to stay motivated and when life gets in the way, training, health and exercise, all go to the back of the queue; but, even after entering a gym, getting the best results and fast is not an easy task. That’s where I can help you!

Having a family of my own (three children), I know fine well how difficult it is to combine training, family &  work. Believe me, I face and win those challenges and I can help you too!

Everything will be done to ensure that you feel welcome, comfortable and healthy as soon as you start training with me. My mission is to create the best fitness experience so that you feel and look wonderful, as fast as possible. This means extraordinary caring service and training.

I will assess your poster, imbalances, focus on strengthening your weakest links, then we will build your body into the best version of itself! It might be one or a combination of the following that you will need:

  • Reduce body-fat & weight lossVF Sharon
  •   Improve cardiovascular fitness
  •   Reshape or tone body
  •   Strengthen body
  •   Build muscle
  •   Improve sport-specific performance
  •   Increase energy level
  •   Improve flexibility and mobility
  •   Improve self-confidence
  •   Improve ability to cope with stress
  •   Feel better, positive attitude
  •  Bikini Fitness and bodybuilding
  •  Learn or correct  Olympic Weightlifting
  •   Overall vitality and improved health

Some clients of mine, prefer to have only 1-to-1 sessions, others like to workout in a small group (more cost-effective for them), and they even join my group sessions.281036_487703134593437_729065314_o

No matter what package YOU might choose, your fitness & happiness is paramount to me. 

Sessions will not be easy, but progressive and highly effective!

Ready to build a stronger and healthier you, then do step this way:

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