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Nutritional Cooking


We are what we eat

Wellness, fitness and health are closely interlinked.

My background in pre-clinical research in nutrition, has given a vast amount of knowledge that I share with my clients. During my research I was discovering how gut bacteria digest carbohydrates and how they contribute to the high-profile diseases, such as heart, bowel,  and liver diseases, some autoimmune diseases and skin conditions.

I oversee the quality of macronutrients in their diet and prescribe changes that need to take place. It is easier to produce good results in fitness when diet is on point.

For some clients, I prepare meals and take full control of portions. 

We also work on pre-existing health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, bowel and gut problems, using vitamins and minerals to restore the equilibrium in cells.

If you would like my help, please do get in touch and I will be glad to assist you.

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