Every 60-minute session begins with mobility and ends with flexibility training, but what happens in the core part of the session, depends on your specific goals. I have a vast knowledge database, as a competitor and as a strength and conditioning coach and that makes me an extremely valuable asset to you. I am also a qualified Nutritionist.

From my late teenage years to 2016, I was a competitive Olympic weightlifting athlete and after retiring in 2016, I joined bodybuilding, bikini fitness division. I worked with various federations (Football, judo, MMA, athletics, gymnastics, rowing, rugby and judo) where I was asked to improve performances of individual athletes and their results. I will assess your biomechanics (the science of movement of a living body, including how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement) and together we will work on strengthening weaknesses, loosening muscles that may trigger tension and discomfort. I am obsessed injury-prevention training and place a massive emphasis on psychosomatics (the interaction of mind and body). I will educate you how to activate and feel the right muscle that need emphasising, as training is never just about lifting weights, but safe and a correct technique. To see how I can enhance your wellbeing, book your session now.